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3 Good Reasons To Quit A Job You Just Started

Core Job Search 16 February, 2022

You finally found a job, and now you're thinking of quitting. Crazy? Maybe not. Having a job is not always a great reason to stay at a job. Here are 3 legitimate reasons to quit a job you just started.

Family Emergencies

If a family emergency pops up immediately after taking on a new job, this can be a legitimate reason to quit. A family emergency that would require your long-term attention, such as caring for a sick loved one, is a reason to reevaluate your work options.

Unreasonable Work Tasks

If you start a new job and are immediately given unreasonable work tasks that were not defined in your job description, this should be a red flag and could be a good reason to quit. If an employer starts pushing off tasks to you that were not defined in the job description, it could be the start of an unhealthy work relationship. It is important that you set boundaries early on with employers to ensure you are treated fairly. This would also apply to being asked to do work tasks that you are not properly trained for.

Unhealthy Environment or Illegal Activity

If you show up for a new job and are immediately aware that the work environment is unhealthy or unsafe, this is a legitimate reason to quit. Your employer should provide a clean, safe workplace free of harassment or other toxic behavior.

Another good reason to quit would be if you notice illegal activity taking place. Remember, if your new job is involved in illegal activity, you could be considered guilty by association if you remain there as an employee.This would definitely qualify as a good reason to quit a job you just started.