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Kick Dirt to the Curb - Finding Cleaning Jobs

Core Job Search 16 February, 2023

So, you’re in the market for a cleaning job. Whether you’re looking for extra cash or a full-time gig, there are plenty of places to look if you want to get your hands dirty. From online job boards and classified ads to apps and even word of mouth, with just a bit of effort, you can find the perfect cleaning job for you. Let’s explore some options!

Online Job Boards & Classified Ads

The internet is full of websites dedicated to helping people find jobs in their area. With a few clicks, you can search through online classified ads and job boards like Craigslist or and filter by keywords like “cleaning” or “maid service” to narrow down your results. You can also check out sites such as that specialize in matching families with caregivers and housekeepers (and no—you don’t have to babysit if that isn't your thing).

Social Media

Social media may not be the first place most people think of when they need a job but it is an excellent resource for finding work. Sites such as LinkedIn offer job listings specifically catered to cleaning positions—create an account, upload your resume, and start searching! Don't forget the power of groups; join local Facebook groups related to home services and keep an eye out for postings about cleaning jobs. Social media can be invaluable for finding gigs that aren't listed anywhere else!

Cleaning jobs are plentiful and can be found in a variety of places. With just a little bit of effort and some savvy online searching, you will be able to find the perfect job for you! Start by checking out online job boards & classified ads or using social media groups to get your search going. With a commitment to finding work, you can easily kick dirt to the curb and get a great cleaning job. Good luck!