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Social Work - Is It Right for You?

Core Job Search 22 September, 2021

If you're looking for a fulfilling career, you may want to consider the field of social work. Social work is a very valuable profession, but not everyone is well-suited for it. According to statistics, the field of social work is set to grow at a pace of about 19% over the next several years. If you do decide to get into this line of work, you'll probably be very much in demand.

Benefits of Social Work

There are a number of benefits of doing social work that are not always found in other careers. Some of these include:

High Demand

Due to the number of people who need help, social workers enjoy high demand for their skills. Employers for social workers include government agencies, charitable organizations, and law enforcement agencies. These agencies and organizations seem to always be hiring for social worker positions.

Career Flexibility

Another benefit of being a social worker is the flexibility that you will have in your position. Because of the high demand, if you're unhappy with working for one organization, you will always be able to get work with another one. You will also have a lot of flexibility within the job itself. You won't be stuck behind a desk all day, and you will often be out in the field, meeting with people where they live and work.

People Need Social Workers

Apart from the high demand and the career flexibility of this line of work, the world needs social workers. Every day, people from all walks of life need people to help them navigate difficult situations.

This is where social workers come into play. If you are a person who enjoys helping others and wants to feel valued, then social work just may be right for you.