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What to Do if Your Bereavement Leave Just Isn't Long Enough

Core Job Search 16 July, 2021

Everyone has to deal with losing a loved one at some point or another. In that case, you might need to take a bereavement or responsibility leave. You will be entitled to at least three days of paid leave if you've been employed for at least four months and work at least four days a week.

However, sometimes the grieving process can take longer. Loved ones can experience extended depression and be unable to perform the regular duties their position requires. Here's what you can do if your leave isn't long enough for you:

Apply for a Paid Personal Leave

One thing you can do if you've been with your employer long enough is to request to take paid personal leave. Such may be available to you if you've accumulated enough hours to qualify for it.

Take Your Vacation Time

You might also want to use any vacation time you may have accumulated before the loss. Whether your employer approves your request depends on how your employer operates. They may allow you to take this time so that you can rest and obtain mental health services for your grieving period.

Request an Unpaid Personal Leave

You may also consider applying for unpaid leave. You should use the unpaid leave as your last resort so that you don't have to use all of your savings or worry about bills during your time of uneasiness. Your employer may have certain stipulations in place regarding unpaid leave. In that case, you can speak to your employer and let them know what's going on. They may be willing to work with you because of your loss.

Try the above-mentioned methods to see how well they work for you. You might find that you're able to get the time you need to take care of yourself and your family.